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Chad - Surface Runoff Water Enhancement Project in Biltine, Batha, Guera and Ouaddaï - Project Completion Report


The Bank had financed the study on the possibility of storing runoff water in the project area. A total of nine (9) sites were selected and a feasibility study conducted. This led to the Surface Runoff Water Enhancement Project in the four prefectures of Biltine, Batha, Guéra and Ouaddaï (PVERS).The project is in line with the Chadian Government’s strategy for the agricultural sector which seeks to: (i) create an environment conducive to the production and marketing of agricultural surpluses; (ii) improve road communications and (iii) support producers’ organizations in the management of community activities. The project aims to mobilize surface runoff water for farming and livestock watering, open up the production areas through the development of rural feeder roads and the supply of drinking water to the population of the project area by constructing boreholes equipped with pumps.

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