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Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N° 39 – January-March 2017


AS the AfDB Vice Presidency for Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth, marks its first 100 days, the Climate Change and Green Growth Department (PECG) has set itself on firm ground to play a pivotal role in delivering the High 5s through innovative solutions including finance aimed at addressing climate change challenges in Africa.

Effective adaptation and mitigation actions cannot be undertaken without addressing a number of cross-cutting structural issues such as institutional capacity development, innovation and technology transfer, and readiness to access climate finance. The Department has taken these into consideration in formulating the focal areas for its two Divisions - The Climate Finance Division and the Climate Change and Green Growth Division, to enable the Bank efficiently deploy its technical and financial resources to assist its Regional Member Countries.

The Bank has updated its climate risk screening tool as part of strengthening project sustainability to achieve anticipated developmental outcomes of the Bank investments. This and other climate safeguard tools, including the greenhouse gas accounting tool, are aimed at ensuring that all Bank investments fully mainstream climate change into their design and implementation processes.

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