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COMOROS - 2016-2020 Country Strategy Paper


The Bank’s Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2016-20 for the Comoros was prepared at the time when the country adopted a new Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (SCA2D 2015-19) which aimed to “lay and strengthen the foundations for the future emergence of the Comoros”. A small island developing country and a fragile State with a population of about 781,000 people (2015) and a land area of 1,862 km2, the Union of the Comoros gained independence in 1975. Its political history has been marked by recurring political tensions driven by the islands’ secessionist inclinations, the most recent dating back to 2008. However, since 2001, following the "Fomboni Agreements" and the adoption of a new Constitution built on the autonomy of the islands and the rotating presidency among the three islands, the country has returned to relative political stability, further strengthened by the 2009 constitutional amendment that set the presidential term at five years nonrenewable. Since the beginning of the millennium, the country has achieved remarkable progress with a Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of which rose from USD 400 in 2002 to USD 820 in 2014.

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