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Comoros - Proposal for Arrears Clearance under the Arrears Clearance Programme And Post-Conflict Country Facility


 Following the establishment of the post-conflict country assistance programme, the Bank Group Board of Directors in July 2004 approved a general policy framework to support Post-Conflict countries (PCC) in clearing their arrears owed to the Bank Group. The guidelines for the framework require that proposals for assistance submitted entail: (i) sustainable normalization of relations with the Bank Group; (ii) positive net transfers in favor of the PCC; (iii) case–by-case approach in close collaboration with other IFI (International Finance Institutions) and the donor community; and, (iv) coherence with key Bank Group financial practices and policies. In line with these principles, this paper proposes a specific arrears clearance programme for Comoros, within the general policy framework for settlement of PCC arrears to the Bank Group.

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