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Congo - Appraisal Report - Skills and human resource development project (PDCRH) – 01 2015


Knowledge building will be at the centre of the PDCRH,given the various assessment activities and studies planned.Assessment activities relate to the establishment of a system for monitoring the integration,initially,of those trained by the system that will be set up under the project and,later,of graduates of the entire education and training sector. They also concern the impact assessment that will be conducted to determine the relevance of actions planned,in an effort to enhance the flexibility of the vocational training provided by public institutions, as well as linkages with the private sector. Lastly, knowledge will also be built on technical, vocational and skills training as part of studies on sector financing, management procedures and performance. The knowledge thus generated will both guide national policies, consideration of future operations in the education sector in Congo and consolidate a knowledge database on technical and vocational education and skills training in Africa.

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