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Congo – Project of Studies on the Development of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in 5 Semi-Urban Centres and on Strengthening the Operational Capacity of the Water Sector Development Fund (EDSAEPA/RC-FDSE)


The relevance of the project development objective is based on the socio-political context of the Republic of Congo in the 1990 s marked by three civil wars,which caused very significant damage to the country’s socio-economic infrastructure,including drinking water supply and sanitationfacilities.Furthermore, mention should be made of the weak capacity of the Water Sector Development Fund (FSDE), which has not been operational since its establishment.In this situation, access to basic social services,including drinking water and sanitation, still constitutes the biggest obstacle to improving the living conditions of thepopulation.Consequently, the priority actions adopted in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) consist in: (i) rehabilitating and constructing drinking water supply and sanitation infrastructure in rural and urban areas; (ii) rehabilitating and constructing laboratories for water quality control; (iii) promoting information, education and communication; (iv) ensuring regular operation of equipment; and(v) strengthening human capacity in the area of drinking water supply and sanitation (DWSS).

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