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DAI Staff Handbook


Most information generated or received by the Bank will be made public, except information on the list of exceptions in para graph 3.3 of the DAI policy and Appendix 2 of this Handbook . As a result , certain information not subject to disclos ure under the previous policy will now become public information. Notably, o ver a sufficient time horizon, most information in the Bank ’s possession will be disclosed, either proactively or on request. The categories of information that will routinely be made available to the public include (i) operation s information, (ii) Board reports, (iii) annual reports, economic data and research, (iv ) Bank financial information, (v) legal information, and (vi) administrative information (see Appendix 1 of this Handbook for details). Figure 1 shows the AfDB project cycle, including a list of documents that will be made public during the various stages of the project, from country programming to evaluation.

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