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DFI Risk Management Seminar Report


From November 14th, a multi-disciplinary team from the Bank hosted a one-week seminar on risk management for Development Finance Institutions. The seminar was co- facilitated by the DBSA, the IDC and the SADC Development Finance Resource Center (DFRC) under the auspices of the JAI and with sponsorship from the Japanese trust fund. Impact – The seminar was modeled on a similar event organized by Bank staff in 2003. Although the initial expectation was to accommodate 25-30 participants as in 2003, given strong demand and opportunities for pooling of resources among the organizing institutions, 66 participants1 from 23 organizations finally attended the seminar2 . The feedback received from the participants in the post-op evaluation questionnaire was extremely encouraging and suggested that lessons learned from 2003 had resulted in a very high satisfaction rate in 2004. Although the principal objective of the seminar was capacity building for the participating DFIs, the intensive interactions with the participants provided an excellent opportunity to evaluate the risk management practices of the participating institutions. Three key conclusions emerged from the seminar this year.

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