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DRC - Domestic Resource Mobilization and Public Finance Modernization Support Project (PAMRIM-FP)


PAMRIM-FP is in compliance with the National Strategic Development Plan (PNSD) 2017-2021, which is being finalized. It also falls within the framework of the Public Finance Reform Strategic Plan (PSRFP), adopted on 31 March 2010, which comprises five main pillars: (i) budget reform aimed at establishing a comprehensive and multi-annual budgetary framework consistent with national priorities; (ii) strengthening of the tax system with a view to modernizing fiscal instruments and tax administrations (iii) streamlining of expenditure management in order to strengthen the expenditure chain, the State payroll system, the public procurement system and the public debt management system; (iv) strengthening of the accounting system and cash management to produce reliable public accounts; and (v) strengthening of the oversight system with a view to improving the quality of public finance control.

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