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DRC - Project to protect and rehabilitate the RN1 between Kinshasa/Ndjili – Batshamba – Summary ESMP


This first national highway rehabilitation project along the Kinshasa-Batshamba segment extends from Nsele Bridge (PK615+00) to Batshamba (PK1.238+00). It is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), within the central economic zone retained in the Bank's Country Strategy Paper. The aim of protecting and rehabilitating this road section is to improve and maintain the level of road transport services between Kinshasa/Ndjili and Batshamba, thereby ensuring the effective continuation of the gradual rehabilitation of RN1 linking Matadi to Lubumbashi. The works to be carried out under the project will focus solely on the rehabilitation of critical areas. Therefore, the cumulative distance covered by the interventions on RN1 will be 30 km.

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