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DRC – Project to Support the Development of Agricultural Value Chains in Six Provinces in DRC (PADCA-6P) - Appraisal report


the African Development Bank-funded Project to Support the Development of Agricultural Value Chains in Six Provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (PADCA-6P) aims to sustainably improve food and nutrition security and increase the incomes of the target population. PADCA-6P will be implemented over a five-year period (2019-2024) for a total cost of UA 22.153 million in the provinces of Kwilu, Kasaï, Haut Iomami, Iomami, Maniema, and Tshopo. It will target some 1,768,825 rural households, 60% of which are women, with 8,394,125 direct beneficiaries, and build knowledge for the rural world at large.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the agricultural sector employs more than 70% of the labour force in rural areas. Arable farmland, which is estimated at about 80 million hectares, is largely underutilized. Ten per cent is developed, that is about 3.5 million hectares used for farming and some 4.5 million hectares for livestock breeding. Only 13,500 hectares, representing 3.2% of available areas, are irrigated. DRC’s agricultural sector can create more than 60% of jobs in the country, if managed sustainably. The diagnosis of the agricultural sector and the operations being implemented therein havehelped to focus the project’s activities on four growth crop sub-sectors, namely cassava, beans, maize and rice.
The DRC’s food deficit is estimated at between 20% and 30% of total food needs (according to region). In addition, the incidence of poverty at the national level, which stands at 63.4%, is very high, and 43% of under-five children suffer from chronic malnutrition, that is about 1 in 2 children. Furthermore, 38% of the country’s population liveson a poor and limited diet and only 9.3% of children aged 6-23 months have a minimum acceptable diet. According to a study on the Cost of Hunger in Africa carried out in DRC in 2017, economic losses owing to malnutrition in the country are estimated at 3% to 8% of the gross domestic product,that is an annual loss of USD 1.174 billion. Against this backdrop, the improvement of agricultural production is an urgent priority for the Congolese Government.

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