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Economic Brief - Flow of Funds and Development Policy in Africa


The current global crisis highlights the need to better understand the financial and broader interconnectedness among the various sectors of the economy and between them and the rest of the world (Murinde, 2009; ECB, 2011; Shrestha et al., 2011). African think tanks, central banks and government treasury departments (Ministry of Finance/Economic Development) need to engage in dialogue among themselves and with other stakeholders about the policy frameworks for supporting high economic performance for fighting poverty. But for country experts and think-tankers to engage fruitfully in ‘policy dialogue’, it is essential to have a framework that can disentangle issues, appreciate the dynamics and identify the intrinsic core policy issues and prescriptions. Also, the strategic visions of CEOs, the wider private sector, and NGOs depend on their ability to disentangle the same/similar issues and identify the intrinsic core (the heart of the matter!).

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