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Egypt: Combined mid-term review country strategy paper 2015-2019 and country portfolio performance review


On December 15 2015, the Bank's Board of Directors approved the Egypt Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for the period 2015-2019 with two strategic pillars: (i) Developing infrastructure to foster sustainable and inclusive growth, and improve the business environment; and (ii) Governance, for enhanced transparency, efficiency and fairness and increased private sector participation.This CSP Mid Term Review (MTR) assesses the progress made up to December 2018, and guides the implementation of the CSP over the remaining period. The late delivery of the MTR is due to Presidential elections in 2018, the subsequent change in cabinet whereby the Government could not firm up its proposed lending program until December 2018. The MTR delivery was also impacted by the constrained headroom, which was increased in November 2018.

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