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Egypt - El-Beheira Rural Development Project - PPER


This abbreviated Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) concerns the evaluation of the El-Beheira rural development project in Egypt. The project, whose total cost was estimated at UA 32.3 million, was identified and prepared by the FAO Investment Centre (FAO/IC) for ADB. Appraised by Bank experts in 1981, the project was financed with ADB and ADF funds to the tune of UA 10 million and UA 8 million respectively. The two loans, which were approved in December 1981, became effective on 17 June 1984, that is 2 years after the signing of the loan agreements (January 1982). The initial project implementation schedule, which covered 4 years (end 1986), had to be modified following delays in project start-up and during implementation, leading to two successive extensions of the deadline for the last disbursement. The project was finally completed in June 1997, that is 11 years after the completion date scheduled at appraisal.

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