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Egypt - Integrated Water Resources Management of the Nubaria and Ismailia Canals - Summary ESIA


The Government of Egypt (GoE) through the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI)’s Horizontal Expansion Project Sector (HEPS) and financial support of the African Development Bank (AfDB) intends to rehabilitate and modernize the Nubaria and Ismailia canals with the aim of contributing to improved management of water resources in the canals. Nubaria and Ismailia Canals are two of the major multipurpose canals in the Nile Delta that provide water to approximately one third of the Nile Delta population. The Canals are of immense importance to the regional economy but face a myriad of problems related to poorly functioning infrastructure, seepage and water logging adversely affecting valuable agricultural land, insufficient water conveyance capacity, unauthorized abstractions, and environmental degradation from pollution. It is estimated that about 24- 26% of the water is lost from the canals in the form of seepage. This has resulted in the flooding of agricultural land and farms alongside the canals, depriving farmers of their main source of income and livelihood.

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