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Environment - Evaluation of the Performance and Effectiveness of the African Development Bank's Environmental Policy and Environment Assesment Procedure


This is the first review of the implementation and effectiveness of the Bank’s environmental policy since it was approved by the Board in 1990. During the past nine years many changes have taken place including a major reorganisation of the Bank staff and structure during 1995 - 96. There is also an evolving change in Africa with a greater awareness of the need to integrate ecological stability and social concerns into development activities. The African Development Bank is a unique African institution and reflects the changing values on the continent. The review notes the reflection of that change in the evolving importance of environment from the ADF-VI Lending Policy to a central pillar of development in the ADF-VIII Lending Policy. In that respect the implementation of the Bank’s Environmental Policy is of prime importance as one of the leading instruments of change in its RMC constituency.

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