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EOI - Consultancy Services for CAPI - Survey Solutions in Agricultural Statistics – ECST


The assignment involves building country capacity in the use of CAPI using mobile devices called Survey Solutions (SuSo), in addition to any other newly developed cost-effective method. National Agricultural Statistical Systems (NASS) and data are in a sorry state in many African countries – the systems are weak, uncoordinated, poorly resourced, and essentially unsustainable. Moreover, their outputs are wanting in terms of quantity, quality, and dissemination. The situation has been exacerbated by new data requirements to inform policy on emerging development issues such as food production vs. biofuels, global warming, environment, and food security. In response to meeting these challenges in developing countries, newly cost-effective methods for producing agricultural statistics (including the use of Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing - CAPI-) have been developed, and AfDB is providing Technical Assistance (TA) to African countries for applying those methods.

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