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EOI - Environmental and social safeguards financial intermediaries expert - BDEV.2


The responsibility for independent evaluation at the African Development Bank Group (AfDB or the Bank) rests with the Independent Development Evaluation department (BDEV or IDEV). The department’s overarching mission is to enhance the development effectiveness of the Bank’s interventions. It does so through supporting both learning and accountability, as well as promoting a culture of evaluation within the Bank and its Regional Member Countries. The evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Integrated Safeguards System (ISS), covering Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS) issues, is part of IDEV’s work program 2016-2018. The evaluation started with an assessment of the extent of compliance with the Bank’s ESS at project level within the Evaluation of Quality Assurance across the Project Cycle (finished in October 2018). The current evaluation will build upon this project-level analysis to examine how related policies, strategies and processes are implemented across the Bank, among other higherlevel issues to be determined in the inception report.

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