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EOI – Junior Consultant – Monitoring and Reporting of SME Financing Program’s activities and Technical Assistance


a)Monitoringand reporting:

-Tracking progress of Programs’ approvals against the Programs’key performance indicators.

-Progress will need to be reported on a regular basis to various stakeholders and captured in formal progress reports.

-(S) hewill also prepare or assist in updates for the Board on the programs’implementation.-The Consultant will do the monitoring and reporting of programs’ activities including reporting of co-financing transactions such as guarantees and results measurement tobothinternal stakeholders (Credit & Risk; Financial Control & Management, ADOA teams etc.) and other DFIs and co-financiers.

-Follow up theimplementation of guarantee structure and reporting(risk sharing portionfor both grantor & guarantor)b)Coordination of Technical Assistance:
-Launch requests for specific assignments-Review TA needs assessments and track the implementation of TA programs.

-The consultant will also initiate and coordinate the engagement of E&S and IDD consultants if and where required.c)Pipeline / Deal flow management assistance:

-Engage with potential FI clients to obtain preparatory and due diligence related information-Ensure adequate follow-up with possible pipeline FIs and with staff and manage the overall possible / early pipeline of transactions-Develop and maintain a database on various clients and ensure adequate and timely follow-up is triggered with potential clients-Provide overviews (PPTs etc.) for internal discussions on the deal flow .

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