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EOI - Legal Consultancy in the Public Sector Operations, Policy and Governance Division - PGCL.1


The General Counsel and Legal Services Department (PGCL) - The General Counsel and Legal Services Department (PGCL) provides legal services to the statutory organs of the African Development Bank (“AfDB” or the “Bank”) and the African Development Fund (“ADF” or the “Fund”) and advises on the administration, operations and financial activities of the Bank and the Fund. PGCL also ensures that the Bank's and Fund’s activities and operations are consistent with their respective constitutive documents and other legal instruments, policies, the relevant norms and principles of international and commercial law, and the best practices of international development. The Public Sector Division (PGCL.1) provides legal advice in connection with public sector projects and programs financed by the Bank, the Fund and other trust funds and special funds of the Bank.

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