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EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Health System Development Support Project - PCR


The purpose of the project, which is to strengthen national health system capacities in communicable disease control and in the provision of quality care, is in line with the Government's strategy and that of the Bank for the country in force at appraisal in 2008. Indeed, the National Economic and Social Development Plan Horizon 2020 (NDP) is based on the following health sector priorities: (i) strengthening the organization, coordination mechanisms and management of the national health system; (ii) updating, validating and implementing a National Health Development Plan (NHDP); (iii) improving the supply, access and quality of health services for the entire population; and (iii) strengthening the fight against malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases. With regard to the 2008-2012 Country Strategy Paper, one of the priority areas of intervention is human capital strengthening in order to provide the country with quality public services in the health and education sectors.

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