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Eritrea - Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods Program - Appraisal report


The proposed Eritrea-Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods Project (DRSLP -IV) will be an expansionof the scope of the existing DRSLP II Project. Itwill be implemented insix Zobas of the country (Anseba, Debub, Debubawi Keih Bahri, Gash Barka, Maekel and Semeinawi Keih Bahri).The project will supportthe efforts of the Government ofthe State of Eritrea(GoSE) that havealreadystarted under DRSLP-II to improve the drought resilience of the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities of the target areas. The project will consistof four components: (i) Natural Resources Management:ii) Support to Livelihood Diversification;(iii) Capacity Building;and (iv) project Management. It will be implemented over a period of 3years(2017-2022). Total project cost is estimated at UA 6.05 millionwith UA 5.31millioncoming from the Bank’s Pillar I of the Transition Support Facility (TSF)as loan (UA 2.95 million) and grant (UA 2.36 million)andtheGovernment and Beneficiaries contributingUA 0.74 million. The project will be executed by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) under the existing PMU of the Bank’s funded DRSLP-II.

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