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Ethiopia Eritrea Somalia - Drought resilience and sustainable livelihoods program in the horn of africa (DRSLP II) - Final Summary SESA – 11 2014


Following the impact of the crisis on the lives and livelihoods of the over 13.4 million people affected and the consequent suffering as well as the loss of human and animal lives, the Heads of States of IGAD member States met at a Summit in Nairobi, 8-9 September, 2011 and deliberated at length on the problems associated with the drought and came up with the Nairobi Declaration committing themselves to make new and significant investments in the dry-lands to end drought emergencies and pledged, among other things to "launch regional projects to address the underlying causes of vulnerability in drought-prone areas, in particular emphasis on pastoralists and agro-pastoralists to promote disaster risk reduction, ecosystem rehabilitation and sustainable livelihood base transformational and developmental practices". They also underscored the urgent need to "reform the system of emergency humanitarian response in the region, aiming to enhance resilience and promote long-term solutions and integrate drought risk reduction and climate change adaptation into development planning and resource allocation frameworks". The extensive discussions within IGAD secretariat and Member States emphasized the need for a paradigm shift from emergency response to joint long-term interventions aimed at creating resilience and economic development. The meeting also highlighted the importance of a coordinated approach to address the effects of climate change.

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