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Ethiopia - GIBE III - Hydroelectric Project - ESIA Summary


The Gibe III hydroelectric project comprises a 240m high dam and creates a reservoir with a surface area of some 200 km2 and a total active storage of some 11,750 Mm3 . The direct benefits of the project will be 1,870MW of electrical power and 6,400 GWh of energy per year. A small section of the existing Chida - Sodo road and the bridge across the Omo River will be submerged by the Gibe III reservoir. The road is a lifeline for the project area, the only Road connecting Wolayta and Dawro zone and further with Jima zone in Oromiya Regional State. Therefore, a new realigned road and a replacement bridge across the Omo is required. A new road alignment and a sight for a bridge across the Omo River slightly downstream of the dam has been selected. The length of the new relocated road is approximately 72 km and located on both left and right banks of the Omo River (i.e. a 24.5 km road on the right bank a 47 km road on the left bank). The proposed relocation road still lies in Kindo Koyisha and Loma Weredas of Wolayta and Dawro zones respectively and serves the same community.

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