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February 2010 - Simply Results - Issue N°3


One of ORQR’s main tasks is to support operations to enhance the quality at entry (QaE) of Bank Group operations. To this end, in 2009 ORQR piloted a new “Readiness Review” tool for investment projects. The main purpose of Readiness Reviews is to provide Country Teams with a set of structured comments on issues affecting the QaE and results focus of public investment projects. The new Readiness Review tool was rolled out in the beginning of 2010 for all operations, including investments, projects, and policy-based loans. ORQR has also begun to develop a Readiness Review tool for Country Strategy Papers (CSPs) with Regional and other relevant Bank Departments. As a rst step in the process, ORQR completed a stocktaking exercise of CSPs approved by the Board in 2008 and 2009 to identify QaE-related strengths, weaknesses and best practices. The key recommendations from the stocktaking exercise are in the box below.

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