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Gabon - Technical Support to the Green Gabon Initiative for the Preparation of the Graine Programme – Phase II Project - Appraisal Report (Approved)


Gabon,which is located on the Gulf of Guinea, straddles the Equator and covers an area of 267,667 km2. The country is bordered to the North by Cameroon, to the North-West by Equatorial Guinea and to the South-East by Congo-Brazzaville. It has a coastline of 800km along the Atlantic Ocean. Its relief is linked to the equatorial nature of its climate, its hydrography and vegetation. It comprises three distinct geomorphological areas: the coastal plains, mountain ranges and plateaus in the interior. Annual rainfall varies between 1,500 and 3,000mm. Dense, rich equatorial forest covers 85% of Gabon’s territory. In addition, there are 16 million hectares of fertile land, only 495,000 ha of which are farmed. Gabon also has a significant waterways and maritime domain, a 10,000-km2 network of inland waterways, parks and reserves covering 11% of the territory and an exceptionally rich biological diversity of almost 9,000 animal and plant species.

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