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Gambia - Africa Disaster Risks Financing (ADRIFI) - Appraisal Report


The Africa Disaster Risk Financing (ADRiFi) Programme in The Gambia seeks to strengthen the resilience of rural households to climate-related shocks by enhancing the capacity of the government to respond effectively to drought. This will be done through an integrated approach to managing disasters that will cushion the government from the financial impacts of episodes of drought, and guarantee the programme will foster sovereign risk transfer solutions as tools for enhancing disaster risk management in the country, as well as guaranteeing prompt assistance to the affected people in the rural communities. As such, it is expected that through ADRiFi about 275,000 individuals (profiled by gender and age) will be protected against severe droughts and that the capacity of relevant government officials will be built as regard to managing disaster risks. The primary outcomes of the programme will be enhanced government preparedness to respond to drought shocks when they occur and more resilient rural communities from drought.

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