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Gambia - Roads Rehabilitation Project - PPER


This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) is concerned with the performance of the Roads Rehabilitation Project in The Gambia, which comprised four components, namely (i) two sections of the bitumen paved South Bank Road from Kuloro to Faraba Banta, and Sanianga to Killy, (ii) the Brumen Bridge along this road, (iii) the Bund Road carrying heavy traffic in and out the Banjul port, and (iv) phases I and II of Banjul streets including pavement, drainage and sidewalks.

On 22 November 1989, ADF Loan Nº F/GAM/ROD/89/15 in the amount of UA 14,506,572.64 was approved for the project. The first disbursement was made on 13 March 1995 fifteen months after the substantial completion of the appraised works, and the last disbursement on 19 October 1998 fifteen months after completion of the Banjul Streets Phase II works. The Loan was used to finance rehabilitation and reconstruction works under the project components.

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