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Gambia - The Joint African Development Bank World Bank Assistance Strategy (2008-2011) - Project Completion Report (PCR)


The purpose of this report is to assess the outcomes of the 2008-2011 Joint Assistance Strategy (JAS) at the end of the strategy period. The JAS was endorsed by the World Bank (WB) Board of Executive Directors in February 2008 and by the African Development Bank (ADB) Board in March 2008. The ADB’s Committee on Development Effectiveness(CODE) in its review of the JAS Mid-term Review (Progress Report)in September 2010,welcomed the progress in the implementation of the strategy and endorsed the recommendation relating to maintaining the two pillars of the strategy unchanged. The Committee, however, recognized the slow progress in the attainment of the outcomes under pillar II, particularly in the area of promoting the development of small-scale enterprises. The Committee reiterated the high priority of agriculture, water and sanitation and regional projects in the joint strategy; and underscored the need for further strengthening the cooperation between ADB, the World Bank, and other development partners.There were no corresponding comments from the World Bank as the Progress Report was not discussed but endorsed on a lapse-of-time basis

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