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Governance Strategic Framework and Action Plan (GAP II) 2014-2018


Governance can be defined as a set of institutions, processes, policies, laws and behaviours that affect the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country’s economic, financial and social resources across the public, private and nonstate sectors. Therefore, to secure positive outcomes, governance requires effective involvement of the public, private and non-state actors (the civil society, media, business associations, women groups and the youth etc.) in the affairs of the state. Good governance is a nation’s safeguard to ensure sustainability of development and to secure inclusion. The Bank Group’s Good Governance Policy adopted in 1999 specified five core principles namely: transparency, accountability, participation, anticorruption, and rule of law. Although these core principles remain valid, the policy itself needs to be updated to reflect Africa’s emerging governance challenges. The Bank will therefore develop a new Governance Policy in advance of the preparation of GAP III in 2018.

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