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Guinea - Appraisal Report - Support Project for Building the Administration’s Capacity for Integrated Project Management


PARCA-GPI seeks to build the Administration’s capacity for integrated project management so as to stimulate strong and inclusive economic growth. The Project comprises three components: (i) Technical assistance for the implementation and monitoring of integrated mining projects; (ii) Building the Administration’s capacity for the implementation and monitoring of integrated mining projects; and (iii) Support for management and coordination. The Simandou Project is used as reference for justifyingand defining PARCA-GPI activities. The first component aims to support the authorities in setting up an autonomous unit with the human, material and technical capacities required for implementing and supervising mining projects, and a Permanent Secretariat for processing administrative procedures relating to authorizations, licences and permits.The unit will be responsible for managing files relating to the two components of the Simandou Project, namely the mining component and the infrastructure component (port and railway). The second component of PARCA-GPI seeks to support the authorities in maximizing the socio-economic benefits of the Simandou Project. The support includes: (i) the establishment of tax and customs administration units to support the project; (ii) the implementation of their local content policy developed with AfDB support to facilitate the participation of local enterprises and job creation; (iii)the implementation of a land tenure policy that respects the interests and rights of the directly affected communities, as well as environmental impact management; and (iv) the impact on gender throughout the construction and operation of the Simandou Project.

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