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Guinea - Instituional Support for the National Water Point Management Service (SNAPE) - Project Study


Constraints to the development of the drinking water supply and sanitation sector include weak governance marked by: (i) the low implementation capacity of local authorities (municipalities) to which responsibility for project management and implementation in rural and semi-urban areas has been transferred (excluding the EDG concession); and (ii) the fragmentation of responsibilities among several actors resulting in a continuing project-based approach, despite the adoption of the National Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (NDWSSP) and the National Strategy for Development of Public Water Services in Rural and Semi-Urban Areas (SNDSPE). Within the new context of decentralization, SNAPE will relinquish its executing agency role and be responsible for providing advisory support to local authorities which have not yet acquired the necessary technical competence. This study will support SNAPE in defining an efficient organization corresponding to its new role. It will also contribute to the establishment of a consultation and action framework.

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