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Guinea - Support Project for the transformation of guinean agriculture and youth agricultural entrepreneurship (PATAG EAJ) – Appraisal Report


In Guinea, agriculture remains at the core of development policies and the main source of income for 631 % of people living in rural areas, and generates 80% of the country's jobs. It contributes about 25% to GDP and employs nearly 80% of the Guinean population. Rice is the dominant food crop, accounting for 67% of the area cultivated, 65% of the country's cereal requirements, 37% of the workforce, 80% of farmers, 23% of primary GDP and 6% of national GDP. On average, rice represents 20% of the population's consumption budget. To compensate for the food deficit, around 600 000 tonnes of rice are imported yearly. The Support Project for the Transformation of Guinean Agriculture and Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship (PATAG EAJ) was designed as part of a participatory and inclusive approach involving all stakeholders – farmers’ organisations, local communities and devolved technical services. The discussions and studies conducted with the PATAG EAJ Project Preparation Facility (PPF) in 2018 led to a thorough assessment of the situation and to identify not only the investments needed for the transformation of Guinea’s agriculture through promotion of the rice and market gardening value chains, but also the implementation modalities most appropriate for the Boké and Boffa Prefectures. In formulating PATAG EAJ, account was also taken of the country’s fragile context, lessons from Bank projects and those of other partners in Guinea, and the need to develop synergies and complementarities. In view of the Bank’s strategic orientations for the country, the project was designed with special emphasis on the following: (i) irrigation and market access infrastructure; (ii) value chain development; (iii) decent youth employment, empowerment of women and promotion of women’s leadership; and (iv) improvement of resilience and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

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