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Guinea - Traditional Fishing and Fish-Farming Development Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)


Guinea has a coastal fringe and a large continental shelf with a dense river system that provides it with water resources and affords it major fishery potential, which is very poorly tapped. The contribution of the fisheries and fish-farming sector to the economy still remains very limited. To enhance these resources, the Bank participated in the efforts at development of this sector by financing, in 1984 with ABEDA, a project whose outputs helped double the annual artisan fishery l production in ten years, from 25.000 tons to 54.000 tons. In spite of this increase, the per capita fish consumption remains very low (13.4 kg/year) in relation to that of other countries of the sub-region. The country plans increasing consumption to 17 kg /year by (i) a better stock protection through coastal patrol (ii) improvement of the landing conditions; (iii) development of fish research activities; (iv) development of private fish-farming; and (v) improvement of the sector actors’ access to credit

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