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Highlights – Board Meeting of 13 June 2018


Board members unanimously expressed support for this innovative project, which will not only help to improve access to electricity for low-income people who do not always have access to the electricity grid but also encourage the use of renewable energy. Some members suggested that Management should think of replicating this type of project in other countries, whereby the Bank’s guarantee has helped to mobilize local currency funding by commercial banks. Some Board members invited Management to ensure that the cost of solar kits actually make it easier for the poorest people in rural areas to access electricity. In addition, some Board members also raised the need for consultation and coordination with other Bank's initiative such as "10,000 communities in 1000 days" in order to avoid duplication when Côte d'Ivoire becomes eligible for this ongoing initiative. At the end of its deliberations, the Board approved the partial credit guarantee for the Zola Energy Côte d'Ivoire Pay-As-You-Go Solar Home Systems.

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