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Highlights – Board Meeting of 15 May 2018


Board members noted that the program under review is intended to contribute to the creation of sustainable jobs in rural areas in Morocco. They welcomed the programme as it will enhance the competitiveness of the agricultural sector through the promotion of value chains, the improvement of the business climate, and the sustainable management of natural resources. Executive Directors strongly supported the program and congratulated Management and the Moroccan authorities for the quality of its programs that will contribute to improving the living conditions of the populations in rural areas. However, they called for more coordination with other development partners and better alignment of the program with previous Bank initiatives and interventions in Morocco. In addition, Executive Directors invited Management to strengthen the dialogue with the authorities, particularly with regard to economic diversification, domestic debt management and youth training. In addition, the Board stressed that it will be necessary to put in place the adaptation mechanisms to climate hazards in order to ensure the sustainability of the program and to pay special attention to women's access to land ownership. At the end of the deliberations, the Board approved the granting of a loan to the Kingdom of Morocco to finance part of the costs of the Inclusive and Sustainable Development Support Programme for Agricultural Sectors (PADIDFA).

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