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Highlights – Board Meeting of 20 juin 2018


Board members noted that the annual report of the African Water Facility (AWF) accounts of the activities and results achieved by the AWF in 2017 and compares them with the priorities and targets outlined in the 2017 Work Plan and the new 2017-2025 AWF Strategy. Board members acknowledged and appreciated the importance of the Facility's interventions, given the challenges facing the Continent in terms of access to water and sanitation, and the strong synergy with green and inclusive growth. They stressed the need to establish a clear linkage between the Facility's interventions and the Bank's activities, and to strengthen collaboration among all Bank Departments to maximize the AWF’s impact. Executive Directors indicated that sanitation projects are as important as access to water projects and asked for a better balance between both projects. They also called for an emphasis on resource mobilization, with greater involvement of the private sector. Finally, Executive Directors invited Management to pay special attention to issues relating to the visibility, viability and sustainability of the Facility. At the end of the deliberations, the Board approved the report.

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