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Highlights - Board Meeting of 24 September 2014


The Board took note of the proposed framework for the Bank’s programming and operational activities over the next three years which is an extension of the Sudan Country Brief 2012-2014, where almost all the key milestones have been delivered. The Board also noted the need for adjustment so as to enable the Bank to continue to be relevant. The Board recommended that greater priority be given to the issue of debt and that the Bank should continue to play a leading role in donor coordination. The Board also pointed out the need for increased policy dialogue with the authorities to enable the country get out of political and economic isolation and restore peace, security and inclusive development. At the end of its deliberations, the Boards of Directors took note of the Country Brief 2014-2016 for Sudan and approved Sudan’s exceptional eligibility for and utilization of the FSF Pillar I resources under ADF-13.

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