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Highlights – Board Meeting of 3 October 2018


Board members commended IRM for the spot check compliance review and Management for designating a focal person in the field to ensure the follow up and implementation of IRM recommendations. However, they stated that although spot checks are meant mainly for institutional learning, Management should have submitted a written response and sorted out differences on the issues raised before submitting the report to the Board. They invited Management to come up with a plan on how it intends to follow up and monitor the implementation of the spot check recommendations. They also emphasised the need for ownership of the plan by Form, the project sponsors. Finally, Board members noted that some of the concerns raised in the Spot Check review document had already been addressed. Therefore, they requested that whenever Management submits an audit or similar report to the Board for discussion, such reports should be accompanied by a one-paged update, indicating the issues raised in the report that had been resolved.. At the end of its deliberations, the Board approved the IRM Spot Check Advisory Review of Project Compliance Report: Form Ghana Reforestation Project and requested Management to fully implement its recommendations.

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