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Highlights – Board Meeting of 7 March 2018


Board Members took note of the revised version of the above-mentioned document, which aims, inter alia, to support the AU Vision 2063 through the Bank's High-5s, strengthen infrastructure connectivity, increase linkages and market connectivity, and support financial integration and inclusion. The new version of the document takes into account the conclusions and recommendations of the CODE Committee meeting of 19 January 2018 as briefly recalled by ED Cudré-Mauroux, Vice-President of the Committee. Board members welcomed the pillars chosen, but called for particular emphasis on crosscutting issues, including gender, environment, governance and capacity building. They stressed the need for closer collaboration with the Regional Economic Communities, given their important role in the integration process; deeper dialogue with Governments; strengthening the role of the private sector; and better prioritization, amongst other things, to ensure successful implementation and a visible and sustainable impact. Consideration should also be given to appropriate measures to be taken to respond to the specific challenges faced by landlocked countries and island countries in regional integration. At the end of the deliberations, the Board approved the revised version of the Strategic Framework for Regional Integration.

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