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Highlights – Board Meeting of 7 November 2018


The above proposal relates to an ADB loan of € 42.31 million to the Government of Côte d'Ivoire to finance the project to improve access to electricity in the rural areas (PAEMIR). Board members welcomed the project given its its impact on the improvement of the living conditions of people that live living in the targeted districts, which were selected based on criteria such as the low level of electrification and the poverty rate. The Board sought clarification from Management on whether the cost of connecting the targeted districts to the national electricity grid would be affordable to the poor and whether this option, compared to the off-grid option, in particular, was the most appropriate.. They also also questioned the adequacy between the social tariff and the sustainability of the project. Finally, they requested Management to the ensure the compensation of those affected by the project and strengthen the logical framework for measuring results. At the end of its deliberations, the Board approved the loan to Côte d'Ivoire to finance the Project to Improve Access to Electricity in Rural Areas.

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