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Highlights – Board Meeting of 9 May 2018


The Board noted that, based on the recommendations of the Auditor General’s Office, the spot-check advisory review of the Independent Review Mechanism will, for the year 2018, assess the implementation of the environmental and social management plan of three projects in Cameroon, namely: the potable water supply and sanitation project in semi-urban areas, the first phase of the KettaDjoum road rehabilitation project, and the Kumba-Mamfe road rehabilitation project. Board members questioned the criteria that justified the choice of the proposed projects. They recommended that, going forward, the sample of projects evaluated through IRM be more diversified, as the aim of the exercise is to draw lessons that may help improve the design and implementation of future projects. The Board also suggested that Management conduct the verifications rather at the beginning of projects implementation, so as to remedy any defiencies before the project is finalized. At the end of the deliberations, the Board approved the proposal.

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