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ICP Africa Quarterly Newsletter - May 2011


The 2011 round of the International Comparison Program for Africa officially kickedoff this January with national coordinating teams on board to begin the price data collection for household consumption items. As of March 2011, 36 countries had completed the training of data collectors and had begun data collection activities. A number of challenges remain, including a lack of sufficient resources in some countries for data collection. In early March 2011, the African Development Bank agreed that since the ICP is part of the Statistical Capacity Building program, countries could use some of the funds earmarked for other activities within the program toward the ICP 2011 round data collection activities. The Bank communicated this information to all participating countries. The regional coordinating team, together with the subregional organizations, worked closely with the countries to revise their ICP-2011 implementation budgets. I am pleased that the continuing partnership between the regional coordinating team, subregional organizations, and national coordinating teams will allow us to meet these as well as other challenges.

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