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Inclusive Growth - An imperative for African Agriculture


Since 2000, Africa has been experiencing a remarkable economic growth accompanied by improving democratic environment. Real GDP growth has risen by more than twice its pace in the last decade. Telecommunications, financial services and banking, construction and private-investment inflows have also increased substantially. However, most of the benefits of the high growth rates achieved over the last few years have not reached the rural poor. For this to happen, substantial growth in the agriculture sector will need to be stimulated and sustained, as the sector is key to inclusive growth, given its proven record of contributing to more robust reduction of poverty. This is particularly important when juxtaposed with the fact that the majority of Africa’s poor are engaged in agriculture, a sector which supports the livelihoods of 90 percent of Africa’s population. The sector also provides employment for about 60 percent of the economically active population, and 70 percent of the continent’s poorest communities.

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