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Kenya - Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) Airfield Expansion Project - 2nd Runway Development - Appraisal report


The development of the 2 nd Runway is informed by the JKIA Master Plan of 2010, and is in keeping with the development objectives and priorities of the Government of Kenya under Vision 2030 and the Bank’s Hi-5s Strategy supporting projects aimed at enhancing economic efficiency, regional integration, and facilitating international trade. The project entails: (i) construction of a parallel, 2.35km apart, 4.9 km long runway and connecting Taxiways, equipped to CAT II capabilities; (ii) Firefighting unit and trucks; and (iii) construction of a berm planted with trees to reduce noise impact. Consulting services include: construction supervision, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Update of JKIA Master Plan and Formulation of national airport development strategy. Institutional Capacity Building shall involve: Airport Pavement Maintenance Planning Study and Training of KAA & KCAA staff; whereas Supply of Equipment will include: Modern ATC equipment, Ambulifts, Navigational Aids, and Meteorological systems. The project is estimated to cost USD 189.6 million, and is co-financed by the Bank Group (84.4%) and the GoK (15.6%). The construction period is 30 months. Beneficiaries include some 80 million people from Kenya and within East Africa directly served by the hub airport. Expanded airport infrastructure is envisaged to improve connectivity between Kenya and the World thereby facilitating high-value exports and imports, increase tourist earnings, and advance Kenya’s economy towards a middle-income level.

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