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Kenya - Lake Turkana Wind Power Project - Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Summary – 03 2015


The Lake Turkana Wind Power project is of significant strategic benefit to Kenya, and one of the largest private investments in Kenya’s history. It aims to provide 300MW of reliable, low cost wind energy to the national grid, equivalent to over 20% of the current installed electricity generating capacity. The wind farm site is located in Marsabit District in northern Kenya, approximately 50km north of South Horr Township and 8km east of Lake Turkana. The ‘Project’ will comprise a wind farm, associated overhead electric grid collection system and a high voltage switchyard. The Project also includes rehabilitation of the existing road from Laisamis to the wind farm site, a distance of approximately 200km, as well as plant and equipment lay-down areas, and access road network in and around the site for construction, operations and maintenance purposes. The project was disclosed and approved by the Board in 2013. This specific RAP is an update and upgrade of the abbreviated RAP for the Lake Turkana Relocation of Sirima Encampment prepared November 2012.

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