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Kenya - Mombasa Mariakani Road Upgrading ESIA Study Report - 11 2014


Mombasa-Mariakani road is a section of A109 situated in Mombasa and Kilifi Counties of Coastal Kenya. The project road is approximately 41km and forms part of the 500 km Mombasa-Nairobi highway that also constitutes part of the Northern Corridor linking the Kenyan Coast with the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Sudan and Rwanda. The project road starts at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue (A109) and Digo Road (A14) within Mombasa City. It runs in a northerly direction through Changamwe, Miritini and Mazeras before terminating shortly after Mariakani Weighbridge. This section of A109 is faced with the challenge of rapid increase in traffic volumes including light vehicles and heavy trucks over the years, serious traffic mobility hindrance, intensive land use changes and developments without matching maintenance and expansion of the road. It is currently estimated that the base case vehicle speed is an average 10 – 30km/hr across the road corridor. On a worse situation, it takes an average of 3 – 6hrs to traverse a distance of 16km from Miritini into the city centre. With improved road, the vehicle speeds will change to an average of 50 – 80km/hr with significant improvement on travel time (10 – 20min) for the same distance.

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