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KENYA - Nairobi Rivers Basin Rehabilitation and restoration Program - Appraisal Report


The Government of Kenya’s (GoK’s) Vision 2030 and its five years Medium Term Plans (MTPs) form the development blue print for the country with the three key development areas of: (i) economic growth; (ii) social investment and poverty reduction; and (iii) institutional strengthening and improvement in governance. The Vision 2030 pillars focus on infrastructure development, public sector reform and macroeconomic stability. Kenya’s economic and social developments, as stated in the Vision 2030, are heavily dependent on adequate and sustainable provision of water supply and sanitation services with the country aiming for gradual realization of universal access by 2030 in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mainstreaming of SDGs in the MTPs provides new impetus in among others, ensuring access to sustainable water and sanitation services and enhancing citizens’ health and well-being.

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