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Kenya - Towns Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Program - Appraisal report


The main objective of the program is to improve the access, quality, availability and sustainability of water supply and wastewater management services in multiple towns in Kenya,with a view to catalyzing commercial activities, driving economic growth, employment creation, improving quality of life of the people and building resilience against climate variability and change. The program objective will be achieved through: i) construction and rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation infrastructure (including expansion into informal settlements) for improved water and sanitation services; and ii) capacity development of water service providers, the sector regulator for improved service efficiency and women and youth for increased employment opportunities.The program will support water supply infrastructure in 19 towns and sanitation infrastructures in 17 towns,providing more than 2.1 million people with reliable and sustainable water supply services and more than 1.3 million people with water-borne sewerage systems. In addition,the program will create more than 15,000 new jobs during and after construction.The program will cost an estimated USD 451.66 million of which USD 324.86million will be in foreign currency. An African Development Bank (ADB)loan of (USD 381.19m), African Development Fund (ADF) loan (USD 7.20m)and grant(USD 0.72m)and a Middle Income Country Technical Assistance Fund (MIC-TAF) grant (USD 1.68m) will cover 86.52% of the program costs.The program is expected to be implemented over 54 months starting in January 2017. The government of Kenya (GoK) contributes USD 60.87 million (UA 43.39m)in counterpart contribution to be budgeted for annually starting from the 2016/2017 fiscal year

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