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Lesotho - E-Government Infrastructure Project - Appraisal Report


The objective of the project is the enhancement of good governance by the deployment of a modern and secure e-government broadband infrastructure. Specifically, the project shall enhance coordination of public service delivery across ministries, key agencies and local governments. The Project will also strengthen existing Government data centers and portals; and improve access to e-services for state building such as automated administrative services including e-payroll; civil registration; e-health, e-procurement, e-customs;and,revenue management. The total estimated cost of the project is USD 12,825,000 million (UA 8.55 million). It is proposed to meet the cost through an ADF loan (UA 2.7million) and an ADF grant (UA 4.8million)to the Kingdom of Lesotho, and counter party fundingis LSL 15.9million (UA 1.06million) which is 12% of the total project cost from the Kingdom of Lesotho.

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